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Dave and Ian continue with their band Retrolux who have now developed a good following on the pub circuit in Cambridgeshire. Dave is also recording with the 70's punk band 'The Destructors 666' (he produced their first album and played lead guitar on various tours in the early 80's) and their second album is out in December 2007 after 7 CD single releases in 2006/7. Joe has been recording with 'The Now' who were one of the punk pioneers from 1976 (Joe's first band before joining The Name) and also playing with 'The Surgens'. As DJ 'Wolfman Jock' he is a kingpin of 'The Cockroach Club' an amazingly diverse club based in Peterborough. Dave Colton November 2007 

Above is the latest review of the CD 'what's in a Name' in record collector magazine   

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