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I haven't been able to update this for a while but please send your links to us   and I promise they will get included eventually!

STOP PRESS NEW!!   - great new web forum  Modsreunited  there's loads off stuff here including our very own forum at The only official web site for The Jam compiled by Rick Buckler.  This really has it all including a really comprehensive gig section. (Thanks for the mail Rick its the least we can do to include it here!)  

 March of the Mods - this is a great site which features early stuff on the band plus loads of stuff from the early days and a really good links section. Nice one Steve!  

Ian Graham Art - check out Ian's artist site.

Peterborough Lambretta & Vespa Scooter Club - Top scooter club from the bands home town, great events and a great web site.

The Purple Hearts - we enjoyed drinking your free beer and grub when we were the poor tour support act!.      

Detour Records - our record company and THE place to start for all things Mod.   

Secret Affair - essential site from one of the primary movers of the era. 

Long Tall Shorty - we had the pleasure of both supporting and being supported by ( memorably at The Marquee) these guys. Great to see them out and playing again.    

Mod Great site featuring  loads of bands from our era, clothes scooters, the lot.

Popism hosted at -  thanks to Goran Obradovic for this link - a good selection of English and Swedish Mod releases and reviews. Hope Popism gets its own site back up and running soon.   

The Mod Pop Punk Archives - What a great site! this has a really good section on '79  about the bands that played with us on the scene and loads more.   

Huw Gower's website - great producer who recorded our 1st (unreleased) single ' Your Gonna Lose that Girl'. In the end the other track (Misfits) ended up on the B side of our released (2nd!) single. If you check out 'Misfits' you can hear that Huw was the only producer we worked with who had a clue about guitar bands and we were also lucky to get Mark Wallis (engineer) who was another guitar wiz.        

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